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New Parliament Building Construction Project (1/4/2019)
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SecretaryĖGeneral chairs the meeting of Executive Commission on the New Parliament Building Project (21/2/2019)
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SecretaryĖGeneral declares the Cumulative Percentage of Progress of the New Parliament Building of more than 60 (21/2/2019)
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Statute of King RAMA VII will be relocated to the New Parliament Building (21/2/2019)
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SecretaryĖGeneral discusses on preparation for operating at the new Parliament Building temporary area (21/2/2019)
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SecretaryĖGeneral observes the constructionís progress in the Senate Building as the zone that is expected to be completed quickly (21/2/2019)
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The overall construction progress is 54.02 (16/11/2018)
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Progress of the Finial Construction (16/11/2018)
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Construction progress on the of secretariat office buildings and chambers. (16/11/2018)
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SecretaryĖGeneral of the House of Representatives monitors progress on New Parliamentary Construction Project. (16/11/2018)
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Summary of the Construction Progress As of 10 August, 2018 (30/8/2018)
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Meeting of SubĖCommission on Transferring Officials, Materials and Equipments from the Parliamentary Building into Temporary Building Office. (30/8/2018)
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The Overall Construction Progress is 50.49% (30/8/2018)
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Meeting of SubĖCommissioner on Considering for the Guideline on Public Area Management. (30/8/2018)
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Representatives from Krungthai Bank, Thailand Post, State Railway of Thailand, the Transport Company Limited and Airlines visited the construction site. (30/8/2018)
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The cumulative percentage of construction progress is 48.15 (3/8/2018)
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The Secretariat of the Senate building and the Senate Chamber building construction progress. (3/8/2018)
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Meeting of Commissioner on Procurement Audit of the New Parliament Construction with Components. (3/8/2018)
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President of the National Assembly of Lao Peopleís Democratic Republic and delegates visited the New Parliament Construction Site. (3/8/2018)
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Meeting of SubĖCommittee on Considering for Security System of the New Parliament Building. (3/8/2018)
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