Publication date 1 January 2019

The 2nd Meeting of AIPA Advisory Council on Dangerous Drugs (AIPACODD)

Date 14/3/2019

The 2nd Meeting of AIPA Advisory Council on Dangerous Drugs (AIPACODD)

          On Thursday 14 March 2019 at 8.30 hrs., Hon. Air Chief Marshal Chuchart Boonchai, a member of the National Legislative Assembly, chaired the 2nd Meeting of AIPA Advisory Council on Dangerous Drugs (AIPACODD), and there were presentations of country reports on the drug situations by AIPA member parliaments at the Le Meridien Hotel , Chiang Mai Province.

          On this occasion, Miss Jintanant Chaya Subhamitr, a member of the National Legislative Assembly, reported the situation of Thai drugs in 2018 that Thailand as a transportation center affected by the illicit drug flow in being both a widespread market and a transit point to other third countries. Currently, there are continuous seizures and suppression, especially in the border areas of north, northeastern and southern regions.  The current trend of drug use is still widespread.  Drug users are between the ages of 20-24 years and the main drugs that can be seized are Tablet methamphetamine, Crystalline methamphetamine (Ice), Heroin, and Ketamine.

          Thailand has implemented measures and projects in order to reduce the amount of drug addiction and treat patients of both physical and mental drug use.  Moreover, His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand initiated projects for the Alternative Development to reduce the illicit drug crop cultivation of hill tribe farmers. Furthermore, other occupations and various skills training of both agriculture and handicrafts has been promoted. The National Legislative Assembly has amended the Narcotics Act B.E. 2522 (1979) by providing more flexibility to all stakeholders. The previous Narcotics Act made anyone in possession of drugs to be “regarded” as intending them for sale. Under these amendments, anyone in possession of drugs is now “presumed” to have them for sale. This helps facilitate the works of investigating agencies, prosecutors or police officers and allows drug owners to have a chance to prove their innocence. Recently, the National Legislative Assembly has approved the draft Narcotics Act (No. ...) B.E.... The purpose of this Act is to use drugs for medical purposes like treatment under the physician’s supervision and doing research.



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