Publication date 1 January 2019

2nd AIPA Advisory Council on Dangerous Drugs (AIPACODD) >> 2nd AIPA Advisory Council on Dangerous Drugs (AIPACODD)
The closing ceremony of the 39th AIPA General Assembly in the Republic of Singapore.

     On 6 September 2018 at Raffles City Convention Centre in the Republic of Singapore was the last day of the 39th AIPA General Assembly.

     The morning sessions started with the plenary session, followed by presentation and adoption of Committee reports :


     1. The Committee on Political Matters
     2. The Committee on Economic Matters
     3. The Committee on Social Matters
     4. The Women Parliamentarians of AIPA (WAIPA)
     5. The Committee on Joint Communique

     In addition, it was agreed that the 40th AIPA General Assembly would be held in Thailand in August 2019, and the President of AIPA and all delegation leaders of the AIPA member parliaments signed the Joint Communique.

     In the closing ceremony, Mr. Tan Chuan-Jin, President of AIPA and Speaker of the Parliament of Singapore gave the closing remarks and handed over the Instrument of Transfer document to incoming President of AIPA and President of the National Legislative Assembly of Thailand, H.E. Prof. Pornpetch Wichitcholchai.  The President of NLA then delivered the acceptance speech.

     Mr. Tan Chuan-Jin, President of AIPA (Singapore) and Speaker of the Parliament of Singapore emphasized the need for ASEAN to strengthen closer collaboration, deepen cooperation among relevant agencies, reaffirmed its commitment to a rule-based multilateral trading system. ASEAN also has to build and strengthen capacity for the implementation of good regulatory practices, that would further facilitate the integration of ASEAN emerging economies.  It recognized the importance of gender equality and the role of women in the new economy.   At the same time, ASEAN should join hands in combating fake news, particularly on cyberspace, and needs to develop a holistic response.  It also had to promote environmental protection.  In the Committee on Political Matters, it discussed a range of issues, including the importance of keeping ASEAN resilient in the face of increasingly emerging challenges; enhancing the collection and exchange of information on laws; promoting counter terrorism. While the Committee ultimately did not reach a common position on the various resolutions covering the above issues, it was a good opportunity to exchange views among members.  In closing, Mr. Tan Chuan-Jin thanked each and every delegation for attending this General Assembly and all the hard works, and handed over the Presidency of AIPA to Thai Parliament.

     H.E. Prof. Pornpetch Wichitcholchai, President of the National Legislative Assembly of Thailand (NLA), made an acceptance speech for the incoming Presidency of AIPA and host of the next year is AIPA Meetings that the overall objective of Thailand’s AIPA presidency was to contribute to the fulfilment of sustainability as per the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, key results that Thailand would like to contribute are based upon the aspects of the ASEAN Community Vision 2025 to create the rules-based ASEAN Community.  Most prominent forum of this was the ASEAN Leaders’ Interface with Representatives of AIPA, a meeting that NLA had always emphasized.  In achieving 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the key contributors lie at the institutional connectivity of ASEAN.  The Thai Parliament would also support to ensure that the integration process was inclusive and benefits our peoples.  The AIPA meetings would attempt to nurture the so-called ‘we-feeling’ and a sense of togetherness among the peoples of Southeast Asia, and strengthen the interaction between parliamentarians and the people.  The Thai parliament would support AIPA parliamentarians to ensure that ASEAN peoples were at the heart of ASEAN centrality. This includes ASEAN peoples’ needs for the development of physical connectivity, which would be discussed between President of AIPA and President of ASEAN.  There was a need to engage all stakeholders and take a people-centred approach in our policy-making and policy implementation, development at any level would consequently entail balance in the economic, the social as well as the environmental dimensions. With the check-and- balance role, parliamentarians had a crucial role to ensure that no one was left behind, and our national administration was in a future-oriented manner.

     In 2019, Thailand will be hosting the AIPA meetings, namely, the AIPACODD concerning the combat against drugs in March 2019; the Interface meeting in June 2019; and the AIPA General Assembly on the last week of August. In closing, Prof. Pornpetch assured that the National Assembly of Thailand would do the utmost to strengthen inter-parliamentary partnership for sustainability. During the next one year of presidency, Thailand would work side by side with its AIPA colleagues.

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